FQF me and donnieLadies and gentlemen. Look no further. For all of your worries, stresses, and confusion in the kitchen, you can turn to Shannon Gagnon’s blog, Pinterest, and Instagram for all of your needs. For some, cooking is a burden or a chore.  However, with Shannon’s brand “Crawfish & Crunches,” you can find simplified southern recipes that are also just healthy enough that they won’t put a hurtin’ on your figure. On this blog you can find just what the tagline says, “Realistic recipes, rich southern culture, and health conscious habits.”

It all started when the former Yankee moved to the south after meeting her now husband one magical weekend in New Orleans.  She fell in love with her guy, but also the culture of the city. She threw herself into everything Louisiana: sipping daiquiris out on the pontoon boat, crunching on fried chicken on the jet-ski, and after sampling all the local cuisine she would even try to whip up some of the recipes at home.  Well, to put things lightly, her and her husband weren’t feeling too light and lean by the end of that summer.  She knew that if she was going to permanently reside in such a vacation-like atmosphere, she would have to make a change.

That is when Crawfish & Crunches was born.  After hitting the cookbooks, binge-watching the Food Network, and testing out Louisiana home-cooked meals and restaurant after restaurant, Shannon began taking the essence of the delicious southern staples and putting her own healthy twists on them in her kitchen.  She and her husband were soon able to enjoy all of their favorite dishes all week long, but with hidden healthier tweaks in the ingredients that you would never notice. There is really nothing fancy or over-the-top about her recipes.  They are often adapted from the pros to be slightly healthier or even easier to make. It’s food that real people want to eat and that can be made in reasonable time on weeknights. Of course, “healthy” means something different to everyone. She may use a pad of butter in the frying pan, or post a sweet treat from time to time so don’t take offense, it’s about balance.

For her, balance means eating protein, veggies and exercising throughout the week so that she has the wiggle room to enjoy a mimosa-filled brunch, a snoball, or try the food trucks at whatever festival the city is throwing that weekend.

In the upcoming months, Shannon will be developing recipes for Louisiana food product companies using their provided seasonings, hot sauces, and Cajun and Creole food mixes. Keep your eyes out for this entrepreneur as you may see her featured on southern TV cooking segments.

Finally, nothing compares to the feeling she gets when she cooks for a family in need. With Open Heart Food Ministry at her church, she takes meals to people dealing with extended illnesses, returning home from hospitalization, caring for new babies, or coping with death in their immediate household. She invites you to inquire at your local church about how you can get involved.

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  1. This is a great blog. I can’t believe how many people younger than me are just fast food junkies, it’s a wonder they’re not always napping. I have to scrunch to sit next to them on the train or plane. And I now live in Southern California where I thought everyone was supposed to look like Baywatch or the O.C.


  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and have to tell you how much I love it! As someone who has grown up eating Southern staples side by side with healthy California cooking, I agree that balance is so important!


  3. Hi Shannon! So great meeting you last night and I LOVE your blog! It’s all about moderation and balance and in my opinion, it’s the best and healthiest way to live. I would love to connect more and talk and share recipes. 🙂 Keep in touch!


    • Rupa! So glad you checked out my blog. I told my husband I couldn’t believe how beautiful you were! Also, how adventurous you and your husband are. If you ever want some fresh air or to exercise on the Northshore lakefront we would be happy to show you around. We can also meet ya’ll for drinks sometime 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about PartyGirlFit.


      • Thanks Shannon! You are too sweet! We are back in NOLA now full time and getting started on our business, The Sweat Social (a small deviation from PartyGirlFit). We are starting up this week with trial workouts and would love to have you join if you have time! All information is at http://www.thesweatsocial.com. Annnd, let’s definitely plan a time to hang out together on the Northshore – I’ve heard such great things about it and have never been.


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