Sippin’ Our Way Through Louisiana: Abita Brew Tour Review

Abita Brewery crawfish.n.crunches

Sippin’ Our Way Through Louisiana: Abita Brew Tour Review

A congo line of beer tasting. Happy, smiling people. Warm and sunny patio seating. Upbeat music. Silly tour guides. What more could a tourist, or even a local beer lover ask for?

Scratch that. Even non-beer lovers could have a blast in this atmosphere. Although my family is comprised of beer connoisseurs, I don’t like a single kind, unfortunately. However, the fun vibes at this place, combined with the company of my out of town guests was enough to make me grin from ear to ear.

My guests and I were absolutely blown away at the generosity of this place. Free access to beer tasting and tours brought a large crowd at 2:00 on a Thursday afternoon. As I noted on my Instagram, “Where there is free beer, people flock.” At other tastings, you typically receive a wristband and are limited to small sips of booze. As we jumped in the congo line at the Abita Brew Tour we found ourselves pouring our own brim-breaching cups, then circling in a line around the long mahogany bar. After a few laughs and a bit of conversation, it was already time to fill up again. Some favorites were the Purple Haze, the Wrought-Iron IPA, and the seasonal Strawberry Harvest.

abita brewery 4 crawfish.n.crunches

While we sipped, a jovial young male tour guide gave us the heads up that some videos were going to play. They were short, cute, and informative.  Once the tasting room closed temporarily, we ventured into the tour section. He told some more jokes and we watched our step as we gazed at the giant vats of bubbly.  After a few interesting facts and snapping some selfies we returned to the tasting room. It was short, sweet, and implied – let’s get back to what we are really here for – to drink beer.

As we gathered around some old beer keg barrels and sipped some more, our eyes started to wander towards the Abita “swag,” or merchandise.  It could of been the buzz, but the hooded sweatshirts and the t-shirts with quirky sayings were calling our name. We left the store with Abita glasses, a new wardrobe, and even a large banner to display proudly in our “man cave” at home.

While the staff may see just another herd of people coming in and out of their daily tours looking for a free glass of beer, they should know that they created a trip highlight and a memorable time among a family of Yankees who are rarely able to get together in one spot.

abita brewery 3 crawfish.n.crunches


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