8 Most Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

Crawfish & Crunches featured in Sweet Tea Sweetie blog

Sweet Tea Sweetie

You can find plenty of great recipes on Sweet Tea Sweetie to make a romantic dinner for your Valentine, but sometimes a holiday calls for going out somewhere with romantic candlelight, gorgeous views, and someone serving you! I am sharing my collection of the most romantic restaurant options for Valentine’s Day, including a recommendation from guest writer: Crawfish and Crunches! There are hits here from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, Charleston, and Richmond!

Gitane – San Francisco, CA

Gitane is one of the most romantic restaurants in San Francisco. You walk down a side alleyway to find patio full of tables. It feels very much like Paris! Once inside, there is a gorgeous two story tapestry and amazing light fixtures. You can grab a seat at their long narrow bar while you wait for a table. Ben and I have been there for every single Valentine’s Day that we have…

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